Hi, my name is Shane. I like to experiment with code and graphic design, which means having an interest in procedural imagery. One of the popular techniques used to generate visual scenes is ray marching.

I've put together this site in order to help those, just like myself, get a start.

Raymarching Templates

I'll organize the site properly in the future, but for now, here's a few relatively simple templates I've put together. Just click on the link, then right-click, view-source. Code and comments are contained within the one page, so no outside sources are necessary. They're WebGL based, and there's a Javascript example too. I'll provide further examples in C++, and whatever else I can think of, at a later date.

External Resources

In addition, here's a few starndard links that most find pretty helpful:

Raymarching Terrain

Description: Raymarching rocky terrain.
Source: Terrain

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